The Rotary Club of Manjimup was granted charter on the 23rd of February 1952 only 23 days after the formation meeting and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bunbury.

Over these years Manjimup Rotary Club has been involved in many major and diverse community events and projects.  

2023/2024 Board Members


Past Presidents

1952-53 Bill Williams (Deceased)1986-87 Robert Taylor
1953-54 Harold Butler (Deceased)1987-88 John Davies
1954-55 Frank Berthold (Deceased)1988-89 Brian Hornby
1955-56 Don McKay (Deceased)1989-90 Maurice Masters
1956-57 John Gunning (Deceased)1990-91 Jeff Pernich
1957-58 Jack Tuffin (Deceased)1991-92 Colin Ryan
1958-59 Son Muir (Deceased)1992-93 George Thompson (Deceased)
1959-60 Alan Black (Deceased)1993-94 John Jenkins
1961-62 Arthur Baker (Deceased)1994-95 Jim Rubcich(Deceased)
1962-63 Aubrey Lloyd (Deceased)1995-96 Ally MacKay
1963-64 James Rea (Deceased)1996-97 Murray Edwards
1964-65 Bert Faulks (Deceased)1997-98 Alan Lush
1965-66 Richard Rice (Deceased)1998-99 Tony Ducker (Deceased)
1966-67 Len Blyth (Deceased)1999-00 Peter Brown (Deceased)
1967-68 Jim Burkett2000-01 Richard Doust
1967-69 Vic Kordic (Deceased)2001-02 David Hulcup
1969-70 Mike Dawn2002-03 David Rees
1970 Keith Mitchell2003-04 Don Faulks
1971 Mike Dawn2004-05 John Peos
1971-72 Lou Langoulant2005-06 John Doust
1972-73 Stan Parsons (Deceased)2006-07 Zoran Panzich
1973-74 Ray Pozzi Snr (Deceased)2007-08 Robert Taylor
1974-75 Laurie Bonadeo2008-09 Gary Peters
1975-76 Douglas Mckennay2009-10 Richard Doust
1976-77 Shirley Muir (Deceased)2010-11 Phil Gravett
1977-78 Mal Longbottom(Deceased)2011-12 Alan Lush
1978-79 Roy Decke (Deceased)2012-13 Doug Moyle
1979-80 Bruce Newton2013-14 Jackie Edwards
1980-81 John Smart (Deceased)2014-15 Irene Bowden
1981-82 Charlie Walker (Deceased)2015-16 Domenic Della Vedova
1982-83 Ron Cresey2016-17 Alex Alban
1983-84 Alan Walker2017-18 Doug Moyle
1984 Ray Dennis2018-19 Alex Alban
1985 Laurie Bonadeo2019-20 Kerry Mather
1986-86 Max Faulkner2020- Neil Halden