Since the clubs inception in 1952 it has completed many projects in the surrounding Manjimup community.

Historic Dr Bill Surgery in Timber Park

Rotary Steps from lower car park at Basket Ball Stadium

Rotary Bike Park, including Gazebo

Welcome Seat in Coronation Park

Two Gas BBQ’s in Timber Park

Rest seats on Ipsen St

Two Picnic tables in Allambie Park

Wishing Well at Fontys Pool

Art work on Blyth Way

Gazebo in garden behind Moonya Lodge

Manjimup Timber Entrance Archs

Manjimup Tomber Arch was condemned as dangerous and members undertook the task of organisaing and coordinating its removed and the construction of a complete new arch.

The construction of a second Timber Arch at the southern entrance to Manjimup was completed.

Royal Flying Doctor Terminal and Extension (1987 & 1991)

Club members gave major assistance in building the St. John Ambulance airport terminal as well as having contributed $3,000 in cash previously.

The Manjimup Club contributed $4000 towards the cost of materials required for sealing a 200M extension to the runway at Manjimup Airport to Royal Flying Doctor night operational standards. Present Jeff Pernich is show below supervising the operation.